Twin sisters Corey Struve Talbott and Katie Struve Morgan knew they were expecting their babies 10 days apart, but when they unexpectedly gave birth on the same day and within just 15 minutes of each other, they couldn’t have been more shocked. Before giving birth to Indie Mae and Ryatt Rae, Corey and Katie took stunning maternity photos in blue gowns to commemorate going through pregnancy at the same time. A year later, the sisters slipped on the same dresses and grabbed their 1-year-old girls to re-create their maternity shoot.

“I photographed Corey and Katie’s maternity photos last year. I thought it was so sweet that two sisters got to experience such a special time together,” Brenden Boggs of So Cute Photo told POPSUGAR. “Even though their due dates were a few weeks apart, they ended up giving birth on the same day only 15 minutes apart! We all joke that they are twin-cousins!”

With Indie and Ryatt celebrating their first birthdays, Brenden thought it would be fun to re-create Corey and Katie’s maternity shoot with the girls, and the twins loved the idea. “We were cracking up at how loose the dresses were,” Corey told POPSUGAR of the now-iconic blue dresses.

“It was so much fun to see how much life can change in a year,” Brenden said. “Now Corey and Katie have two beautiful baby girls full of personality, and they all can’t wait to see what adventures the next year of toddlerhood brings!”

Ahead, see the gorgeous photos Brenden took of the moms and their little ones plus a YouTube video of the twins’ birth stories, and follow Indie and Ryatt on Instagram for daily doses of cuteness.


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